NTEB: Rick Warren Says Pope Francis Is The Pope Of All Christians Worldwide (VIDEOS)

Posted: December 9, 2014 in CRISIS IN THE HEALTH & SCIENCE U.S.A. & THE WORLD

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Building the One World Religion

“And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Revelation 18:4

There is a hardcore, full-court press happening right now to unify all Christian denominations under the banner of the Roman Catholic Church, and the charge is being led by none other than apostate pastor  and Chrislam founder Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California. Warren has a purpose driven plan to break down and destroy the Christian church, and unite the pieces with Rome.

In the above video, Rick Warren is seen slyly referring to Pope Francis as “our pope”, and then going on to brag about what a great job he is doing. He wants you to blithely assume that of course Pope Francis is the “spiritual head” over all of…

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